Snack Search – Chex

I love to snack. However, some of my favorite snacks were cut out since becoming gluten-free and it’s not as easy to pick up a snack at the grocery store. Recently I have come upon snacks that are great for me without losing their taste.

General Mills’ Chex cereals has great line of gluten-free products in five wonderful flavors – Honey Nut , Cinnamon, Chocolate, Rice and Corn. Not only are these great breakfast cereals, but they also make wonderful snacks! My favorite flavor has got to be the Honey Nut flavor but you really cannot go wrong with any of the flavors.

What I like most about Chex cereals is that they are so versatile. From party snacks to personal snacks Chex provides it all. You can mix and match tastes and other textures and enjoy snacking again.

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Check out these DELICIOUS recipes featuring gluten-free chex!

Dig in and Enjoy! 🙂

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