Give Me A Tea!

It’s the middle of November which means the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder. There was snow in October! It’s the perfect time to enjoy a pipping cup of tea. But not ALL teas are gluten-free. Most of them are but unless it is clearly stated on the box or in the ingredients, one can never be to sure. There are a few companies that are gluten-free and Bigelow is one of them.

Bigelow teas are NATURALLY gluten-free (with a few exceptions, which are clearly labeled whether they are gluten-free or not on the box). I am a huge fan of the Bigelow brand because they have a variety of flavors and types of teas. From various Breakfast Teas and Early Grey Teas to lemon, raspberry, orange and delicious seasonal flavors, Bigelow has something for everyone.

You can check our an entire list of Bigelow Gluten-Free Teas on their website in addition to great gluten-free recipe list using tea! They also have a great twitter account – you can follow them @bigelowtea! They even have a blog!

So curl up with your favorite book or pet and ENJOY! 🙂

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