Sweet Tooth

Color me guilty for having quite a sweet tooth. Especially when it comes to anything chocolate. One of my all time favorite candy bars would have to be Twix. Well I should say WAS Twix because now I cannot enjoy them due to the cookie bar which makes a Twix a Twix. But never fear sweethearts! Our sweets are not lost. We just have to look for them again.

The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) put out a Gluten-Free Candy list that has been a wonderful guide for those looking to calm their sweet tooth.

The NFCA does note that “…Gluten-Free Candy List should be used as a guide only. It cannot replace a thorough review of the ingredients listed in order to verifty that any product is in fact, gluten-free” (2010 Gluten-Free Candy List).

I was pleasantly surprised while going through this list and found that I can still have many of my favorite treats without compromising anything. Airheads, Swedish Fish, a great variety of Hershey products (my favorite part of the list), Jelly Belly Jelly Beans and more. So although I do miss Twix bars, I know I can still enjoy a sweet treat that is safe for me to eat!

Check out the full list and continue to live a sweet life!!

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