Great Guide

When I was first told I had a wheat intolerance/wheat sensitivity I needed to do some research. I knew the information given to me by my allergist and by my mother who has Multiply Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and has been living gluten-free,wheat-free,dairy-free,sugar-free and much more for many years – but I needed to find out information on my own. So of course I went to Google and I typed in “gluten-free lifestyle” and one of the top sites that popped up was Gluten Freely.

Gluten Freely is a great guide. There are tools, recipes, medical insight and a community of others who have Celiac or are living gluten-free and are discussing so many topics. They also have coupons to many gluten-free/wheat-free products which is great!

I definitely recommend this website. It’s bookmarked on my top sites on Safari and whenever I’m looking for featured products or recipe videos, Gluten Freely is my first stop.

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