Snack Search – PopCorners

Quick snack tip! If you haven’t tried PopCorners then I highly recommend them! PopCorners are the new shape of popcorn that are all natural, delicious, light and most importantly gluten-free. They are the world’s first popcorn chip that are available in five great flavors (Butter, White Cheddar, Sea Salt, Kettle and Cheesy Jalapeno), all of which are gluten-free. PopCorners don’t get stuck in your teeth, they don’t get your hands greasy and there are not kernels to clean up!

I first stumbled upon PopCorners at my alma mater, Quinnipiac University which had a pretty good gluten-free snack selection (and gluten-free pizza and bread and bagels but I’m rambling). I tried  the classic butter flavor and was pleasantly surprised. They are light, crunchy and yet do not lack flavor. You still get the movie theater butter taste without the mess.

I really enjoy PopCorners and they are the perfect snack if you are craving anything buttery or sweet or a combination of both! Try the classic butter or simple sea salt with salsa (my personal favorite dip to eat them with) or just by themselves!

So sit back, open up a bag and ENJOY!


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