Two New Menus

More and more restaurants are taking into consideration individuals with Celiac’s disease, wheat sensitivity and intolerance to dairy.

I recently came upon the Legal Seafoods and Houlihan’s gluten-free menus online which was really a treat. I have been to Legal Seafoods a few times with my little brother and father and it is a great restaurant. But recently, I have stopped going there because I was unsure if I could enjoy the menus items I had previously ordered. But I found some new favorites that are gluten-free and just as delicious as what I had previously ordered. They also have a wonderful drinks selection! Refer to my gluten-free alcohol list and always remember to ask!

If you are a fan of Applebee’s and TGI Fridays, then Houlihan’s is right up your alley. Applebee’s after a day at work with my coworkers was a frequent summer spot. But one night, I decided to switch it up and took my boyfriend to Houlihan’s and it was such a cool experience. Great atmosphere and the food is pretty good. I tried two of the small plates (the beauty of small plates is that you can order more than one and not feel so stuff and they taste great) and they were great. Great drink selection as well. I now like it better than Applebee’s! (who would have thought)

Check out these fabulous restaurants gluten-free menus.

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