Cafe Cogolulu

Finding a gluten free cafe is like finding a four leaf clover. You definitely want to hold on to it. Cafe Cogolulu in Wilton, Connecticut is definitely a gem. My boyfriend actually found this cafe through some browsing and we finally had an opportunity to visit there today and I know I will definitely be going back!

Located on Danbury Road in Wilton, Cafe Cogolulu is an all gluten-free all time time cafe.

Their website homepage states “Cafe Cogolulu, where everything that tastes good is really good for you. Let your imagination run “free”, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, or Guilt Free…We take the fear out of dining”, and they surely do.

They have a great menu of breakfast sandwiches, sandwiches, paninis and desserts including cupcakes and gelato. They also cater! They can even make custom cakes and other baked goods to suit all dietary restrictions available to order. Just give them a call.

I tried their “IL LIDO” hot sandwich which is grilled rosemary chicken topped with spinach, sundried tomatoes, and Fontina cheese. (I got it without the sundried tomatoes and fontina cheese) and I got it on garbanzo bean & potato foccacia (you can also choose to get it on their traditional gluten free white bread). It was delicious! The chicken was tender and flavorful and the spinach leaves added just the right amount of crunch. The bread was also good which I am VERY picky about and I really enjoyed it.

I also tried a chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting which was also good. It is a very thick chocolate cake that you can definitely split in two and enjoy it twice!

I definitely recommend Cafe Cogolulu to anyone looking for a gluten-free cafe in Connecticut and cannot wait to head back there again.

check out their Facebook page:

Cafe Cogolulu

991 Danbury Road
Wilton, CT 06897



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