Wild Flours Bake Shop

Another one of my favorite gluten free/dairy free spots.

Wild Flours Bake Shop

I stumbled upon Wild Flours while reading a blog post by News 12 Long Island’s Mary Mucci. She introduced the article by saying she owns a gluten free bakery with her sister in Huntington. Of course, I had to go online and check it out because I live on Long Island. So, I googled “gluten free bakery in Huntington” and up popped Wild Flours. I clicked and was instantly intrigued.

Wild Flours has a wonderful variety of muffins, scones, cookies, brownies and other yummy goodies. They also have pizza on Saturdays, sandwiches, breads and quiches! Seriously a great variety of products.

My first time there (yesterday) I decided to have an Apple Pie Crumb muffin. DELICIOUS! So TODAY, I went back and got 2 apple pie crumb muffins, a chocolate chunk cookie and a chocolate chip scone. When I say this chocolate chip scone is the best scone I have ever eaten, I’m not joking. It’s delicious.

What I love about Wild Flours is not only are they gluten free and dairy free, but they also use a variety of flours to create delicious flavors.

I know my next trip there will be just as delicious as the first. I will be trying their brownie (which was calling my name through the display case today but I restrained myself…we’ll see how long that lasts my next trip there!)

Check them out online or on Facebook!

Wild Flours Bake Shop

11 New Street
(South of Main Street)
Huntington, New York 11743

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