Gluten Free Homemade Egg Rolls

Gluten Free Gobsmacked

Eight years ago I had my first – and last – homemade phenomenal gluten-wrapped egg roll. I remember the evening well. My love (a native Chicagoan who also happens to be Chinese-American) and I were dating/living together at the time. While we made the egg rolls, he were talking about my first trips to Chicago, etc. I started to tell random stories. (Of course.)

One of which was about my then college buddies and I driving to Chicago for a weekend. (One of the girls was from the nearby suburbs, so we all went home with her to explore the city.) What I vividly remembered, I told him, was driving around freaked out by the traffic with one friend holding a map and the other reading street signs.

In particular, I remember the girl reading the map telling the other to watch for “Wentworth or Cermak Road”. (We were headed…

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